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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  April 29, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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and that breaking news is going on in new york, as we take you live here to where the nba is set to address alleged racist comments made by the owner of the los angeles clippers. this highly anticipated news conference is expected to reveal whether or not donald sterling will be disciplined. he is the owner of the clippers. it's expected to start any minute now. when that does start, we'll bring it to you. as you can see right now, people there standing around, waiting for nba commissioner adam sterling to come through those doors. he's only been on the job for less than three months. thank you for joining us this morning. i'm peggy bunker. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. the new nba commissioner is getting ready, as you said, to lead that eleague's investigatin into racist remarks allegedly
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made by the clippers' owners. >> in a privately taped conversation, a man who is believed to be sterling is heard saying is, he did not want african-americans going to clippers games with his girlfriend. sterling could be suspend indefinitely. he could be fined up to $1 million, possibly more, even be forced to sell the team, among other things. former players want the league to come down hard on him. >> the nba deals with in a very quick and forthright matter. they will continue to have some credibility. >> you would hope that the treatment is fair. you hope that it's a result that satisfies players, the fans, sponsors, everybody at large. >> now, major companies are not waiting for sterling to be punished. some are already cutting ties with the clippers. that includes bay area-based virgin america airlines, red bull, sprint, state farm, and
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mercedes. >> in a show of solidarity, the miami heat staged a silent protest against sterling. the clippers staged a similar protest before game four at the oracle arena on sunday. >> interestingly enough, some of those jerseys there had adidas logos on it. adidas recently pulled out in the past two hours. while the basketball community waits for silvers, wario's head coach, mark jackson is letting his feelings be known. he wants fans to boycott tonight's game and go home. he says, fans should not give over their hard-earned money to someone like donald sterling. >> we're going to look at this news conference again. it has not start ed yet, but nb news has just confirmed that sterling will be suspended indefinitely and be fined $5 million. but, again, we'll hear this absolutely from commissioner silver's mouth here in a minute.
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but, again, sterling suspended indefinitely is the latest we are hearing. we will go to this press conference as it happens. in the meantime, you can stay with us for continuing coverage of this story. anytime we're not on air, you can go to for the latest information. >> that is so interesting. we will continue to follow that. boy, 5 million bucks. really hitting him there. also, new details this morning as we move on to other news about a shooting at a fedex facility. this taking place in georgia. a witness says that a gunman was armed with a assault rifle and a knife and had bullets strapped across his chest, quote, like ram rambo. the shooting happened this morning in kennesaw, just north of atlanta. the gunman was found dead with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. three of the six people shot are in critical condition at the hospital. another person was hurt while trying to get away from the scene. police so far have not identified the gunman, but our nbc station in atlanta did talk to a family member of the fedex worker who said the gunman was a package handler. no word just yet on a motive at
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this time. 11:03 right now. this morning, state leaders are taking a closer look at closing loopholes on laws against sexual assault and cyberbullying. the proposal comes in response to a south bay case that garnered national attention. nbc bay area's christie smith joins us from the newsroom with more details on what's being called audrie's law. >> good morning, peggy. it was a heartbreaking story that also exposed a loophole in the law surrounding juveniles, sexual assault, and sharing photos online. audrie pott's father says that social media has made rape worse than it ever was. the pott family spoke at a hearing in sacramento this morning for senate bill 838, or audrie's law, pushing for changes to the laws that protects victims and establish more severe consequences, specifically for young offenders. audrie pott was a 15-year-old girl from saratoga, who took her own life in 2012. she had drank too much at a house party and passed out, only to later find crude messages written on her body. later on facebook, she suggested she knew that photos had been
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taken of her and that her classmates knew she had been assaulted. the teen boys were charged in juvenile court, not adult court, and supporters of the bill say it's because of a loophole that is tougher on forcible rape and not rape under other circumstances. >> let me explain. under today's current law, if a group of young men hold down a young woman and rape her, they can be charged in adult court with adult charges. but if those same young men, instead, ply that same young woman with alcohol and then rape her, they must, must be tried in juvenile court. >> rape and subsequent cyberbullying causing audrie's death, and the impact this has had on myself and my family is immeasurable. rape is a crime against humanity. it destroys lives. always many more lives than just the victims. it destroyed audrie's life. >> this would make penalties tougher for assaults against those who are intoxicated or
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developmentally disabled. and also strengthen the law surrounding the sharing of images of an assault with the intent to bully or harass the victim. it did pass, i'm told, in committee late this morning. my colleague, jodi hernandez was there, and we'll have more tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. scott skpand peggy, back to you. >> thank you. also happening today, a bay area congresswoman, san jose students as well, are holding a news conference, in hopes of stopping the deportation of a student's mother. david gonzalez is part of the dreamers, an undocumented student. his mother is about to be deported. in his quest to keep his mother in the country, he convinced congresswoman zo lofgren to introduce a private relief bill. it's only done once or twice during each congressional session and is specific to one person who demonstrates compelling humanitarian reasons to stay. >> i, myself, is a dreamer, and i do want to contribute to this country, because this is where i grew up in. i consider myself to be an american. we don't come here to make
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trouble. we come here because we want to succeed. it's nice to know that i have a congresswoman who wants to help my family be reunited. >> gonzalez also has two siblings, an 18-year-old college-bound sister and a little brother who's in the sixth grade. another group of san jose state students are trying to get others to walk out of class today, in response to fee increases. the students are upset about the so-called student success, excellence, and technology fee, which was introduced in 2012, and has been consistently increased. the students say despite that title, most of the money actually goes to fund the athletic department, and they want to be reimbursed. lawyers for alden smith will meet with a judge today to talk about the dui and gun charges that the 49ers star is facing. the linebacker has received exemption and will likely not be in court. the cases stem from two separate incidents, but the charges were combined in november. he was also arrested for reportedly making a fake bomb threat at l.a.x. earlier this
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month. but so far, no charges have been filed in that case. we could find out today if three middle school students will be charged after investigators say they broke into a high school and killed classroom pets. santa clara police say three teens broke into wilcox high school over the weekend, killed a rabbit and a duck and a rooster that were kept in the classrooms. the students are also accused of vandalizing a snack shop and several cars can being used in auto shops. >> obviously, it is disturbing when you have middle school-ages children, involved, that did this act. and the welfare of the animals was our primary concern. >> now, if those boys are charged, they'll likely face cruelty to animal, vandalism, and burglary charges. officials will hire salvage crews to pull the wreckage of a small plane out of the bay. crews located the wreckage of the cessna yesterday about a mile and a half off of richmond shore in about 13 feet of water. the pilot is presumed dead. you can see some of the wreckage here in this video from just about an hour ago. witnesses say the cessna and the
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hawker sea furry were flying close together when it crathey crashed. the impact took off half of the cessna's wing. >> rotated 90 degrees on its side and went like this. >> the hawker is similar to this plane that you see in this video here had some tail damage, but did land safely about 100 miles away. investigators have not released the names of the pilots, but we are told they actually knew each other. well, still to come, deadly tornadoes ripped through the south. an update on recovery efforts, coming up next. meanwhile, we have some dangerous heat right here in the bay area. completely fog free to kick off the day in san francisco. right now, we are in the 60s and 70s, headed towards the 90s in some cities. tomorrow, triple digit heat. we're going to detail that if your new moments. and taking you live once again back to the press conference being held by nba commissioner, we are held suspension indefinitely for
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clippers own donald sterling and a $5 million fine. a drop in the bucket for this multi-billionaire. we'll check back in with that press conference as soon as it gets going as soon as we come back after the break.
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. and you are looking at a live picture of the press conference that so far wasn't over the clippers controversy. we are waiting for the nba commissioner to come out and speak. but, again, we have learned through nbc news that the head -- the owner, rather, of the clippers, will be fined $5 billion and has been suspended indefinitely. we'll go to this press conference when it starts. >> running a little bit there, as you can see. 11:12 right now. the latest tornado outbreak across the south did continue overnight. dozens of twisters touched down from louisiana to tennessee, destroying hundreds of homes is and killing 16 people. that brings the death toll to 34 people killed by this storm system since sunday and also the
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worst may not be over. nbc's sara dulles has the latest now from alabama. >> reporter: the aerial assault continues. >> big, big tornado. >> reporter: dozens more tornadoes tore across parts of the south monday and into this morning. alabama, mississippi, louisiana, and tennessee all saw twisters touch down. in louisville, mississippi, the winston county hospital took a direct hit. >> we honestly felt god's hand of protection around us. the clinic is destroyed. but we're all safe. >> and we were all praying the whole time. >> reporter: prayers also answered in nearby tupelo, where several people were injured when a tornado ripped through town. but no reports of any deaths. >> there's tremendous loss of residential and commercial property, but we're very fortunate in the human factor of storms of this magnitude. >> reporter: others across the south were not so lucky. since sunday, the tornado outbreak has killed more than two dozen people across six states. hundreds of homes and businesses have been destroyed and tens of
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thousands left without power. but where the twisters have hit, the cleanup is already underway. >> we lost it all. we've got no build back up, but we'll be fine. we'll get it all. >> reporter: rebuilding lives torn apart by this latest tornado outbreak. the danger is not yet over. meteorologists say some of the hardest hit areas could see repeat performances today and tonight. in alabama, i'm sara dallop, nbc news. at 11:14 right now, we're hearing this press conference regarding nba commissioner adam silver, set to speak, he said yesterday he'll be examining the situation very closely and will be coming down ton this aggressively. we see him now approaching the podium. let's take a listen. >> thank you all for being here. apologize for starting a little bit late. shortly after the release of an audio recording this past saturday morning, of a conversation that allegedly
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included clippers' owner donald sterling, the nba commenced an investigation, which among other things welcome included an interview of mr. sterling. that investigation is now  complete. the central findings of the investigation are that the man whose voice is heard on the recording and on a second recording from the same conversation that was released on sunday is mr. sterling and that the hateful opinions voiced by that man are those of mr. sterling. the views expressed by mr. sterling are deeply offensive and harmful. that they came from an nba owner only heightens the damage and my personal outrage. sentiments of this kind are contrary to the principles of
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inclusion and respect that form the foundation of our diverse, multi-cultural, and multi-ethnic league. i am personally distraught that the views expressed by mr. sterling came from within an institution that has historically taken such a leadership role in matters of race relations and caused current and former players, coaches, fans, and partners of the nba to question their very association with the league. to them, and pioneers of the game, like earl lloyd, chuck cooper, sweet water clifton, the great bill russell, and particularly magic johnson, i
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apologize. accordingly, effective immediately, i am banning mr. sterling for life from any association with the clippers organization or the nba. mr. sterling may not attend any nba games or practices, he may not be present at any clippers' facility, and he may not participate in any business or player personnel decisions involving the team. he will also be barred from attending nba board of governors meeting or participating in any other league activities. i am also fining mr. sterling $2.5 million, the maximum amount allowed under the nba constitution. these funds will be donated to
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organizations dedicated to anti-discrimination and tolerance efforts that will be jointly selected by the nba and pits players association. as for mr. sterling's ownership interest in the clippers, i will urge the board of governors to exercise its authority to force a sale of the team and will do everything in my power to ensure that that happens. this has been a painful moment for all members of the nba family. i appreciate the support and understanding of our players during this process and i am particularly grateful for the leadership shown by coach doc rivers, union president chris paul, and mayor kevin johnson of
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sacramento, who has been acting as the player's representative in this matter. we stand together in condemning mr. sterling's views. they simply have no place in the nba. thank you and i'll take any questions. >> take questions now. i'll start with scott in the back right. >> adam scott -- >> there you hear it. the numbers, $2.5 million in fines, as we continue to watch video of this press conference. sterling has been banned for life from the nba. he may not attend games, he may not attend practices, he may not be involved in business decisions, and the board of governors, they'll be urged to take the team away from him, force it to be sold. >> that's right. that's really something that he does not necessarily have the jurisdiction to do, to kick out
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an owner. this is unprecedented, really, in the field of nba commissioners imposing such a fine and such a suspension there of overseeing the team. also getting very emotional, almost, as he apologized to some of the pioneer of african-americans who played in the nba, particularly magic johnson, singling him out. of course, magic was in the photo of a former girlfriend of mr. sterling's and saying, you know, do you have to -- don't bring him to clippers games. so, a personal apology from him, where he sounded almost emotion emotional. he said he sounded lp emotionally distraught. >> earlier, we attributed to nbc news that he'd be fined $5 million, and he was suspended indefinitely. those were incredibly wrong numbers. he has been fined $2.5 million and banned for life. so those are the facts as we know them from the press conference itself. >> yeah, some people are saying,
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could that money actually come from other, different areas? they're saying that could be different fines imposed on him, particularly sponsors. there are 15 and counting, by the hour, more and more sponsors were coming in and breaking their affiliations with the nba. he said that this is something else that silver addressed, saying, this has really caused companies to even question their very ties to the league. something that he also was very upset about it, because this has a business. let's face it. and how much this is going to impact the players that bring in those bucks, yet to be decided. >> no doubt this will be debated on sports radio and in the newspapers and around kitchen tables for some time to come. now, we will continue to cover this. we will have more on this during our newscast at 5:00. and anytime we're not on air, you can go to for the latest information. >> big news there. we will continue to watch this. in the meantime, we want to bri bring you some other stories. the super bowl means big
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business for santa clara. but that increased activity is spotlighting another area of concern, human trafficking. >> nbc bay area's bob redell in santa clara with a new commission to prevent that illegal activity. >> good morning to you, scott and peggy. we just spoke with santa clara county sheriff, lori smith, who says that illegal activity is a big problem here, especially in the south bay. she believes that the bay area is a large hub, for not only sex trafficking, but also labor trafficking, because we have a high immigrant population, because we have easy access to ports and airports and just because we have that thriving economy. but no one knows the true extent, hence the creation of the santa clara county human trafficking commission, created moments ago, inside the building behind me, by the santa clara county board of supervisors, after it was proposed by supervisor cindy chavez. the new commission will bring together many forces, different
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agencies, including the sheriff, police, fbi, federal prosecutor, two judges, labor, and the south bay coalition to end human trafficking. two driving forces behind the timing of this, this new commission, one, is trying to get ahead of super bowl l, which could cause a spike in sex trafficking when the game is played in a couple of years at the new levi stadium. and also this summer, money for san jose police human trafficking unit will be running out. the commission wants to try to identify where trafficking is worse and just how bad it is here in silicon valley. it will be offering law enforcement support in their investigation, apprehensions, and prosecution of traffickers, and will try to educate the public about this problem. especially when you consider that both sex and labor trafficking happens sometimes in plain view, without anyone realizing. >> it's one that we may have been tolerating without even knowing it. and this is our opportunity to say, not here, not in this
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community, not in the center of innovation. we're going to stop it here and be part of this international movement to end slavery, i hope in our lifetime. >> what we see out there is not just women being trafficked, but also men, especially in our marijuana grows, but this is about protecting our victims. >> supervisor chavez quotes a statistic that suggests that almost 21 million people internationally are trafficked each year. about as maybe as many as 100,000 of them are children here in this country. reporting live in san jose, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, bob. we'll look at your forecast coming up after the break.
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. it is a hot day out there,
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bay area. we are not even in summertime just yet. we've got two more days of april left. look at your temperatures at 11:26, we are at 79 degrees out in livermore. you've already blown past your seasonal average for this time of year, and temperatures today aren't even going to peak. that occurs tomorrow. so i want to show you a couple of deferent shots of the reason why. offshore flow, you can see our camera getting a little shake as that offshore flow negating the marine influence, completely clearing all of the clouds out of this city. that makes for a very warm day in san francisco, but a downright hot day in your inland valleys. 88 today in the south bay. 91 in the north bay. san francisco's at 79 degrees. and just to give you an idea of where we're headed as we get into tomorrow, we're talking about the triple digit in places like gilroy. i hope you guys are ready for this. it's going to be hot. we'll be all over it tomorrow. >> amazing! >> thank you, christina. appreciate that. thank you for joining us. our next newscast coming up at 5:00. >> and we'll see you tomorrow.
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